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Newest Release

Using Sandvox® is available December 15, 2011!  The new handbook for building your own website is more detailed and leads the reader through the rep to create a professional and attractive website.  Covering nearly every function of Sandvox®  in this book, the author gives ideas and techniques that will make your website stand out from the crowd.  Look for it on 

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Web Design Using iWeb®, a step by step guide to creating your own web site has been out and selling well since the spring of 2011.  This handy manual leads you through the steps to a complete web site in just a few hours.  

By the end of Chapter One, you will have an operating web site ready to post on the Internet.  The book was published as a Kindle Book on February 24, 2011.

This web site was created using the step-by-step program described in that book.

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Current Projects

In the early part of the 19th century, many brave men and women crossed the Appalachian Mountains to make a new life on the frontier.

In the far northwest corner of the territory known as Ohio, was a dense dark forest in  a marshland that extended from what is known now as Lucas County to the Indiana line.  This area became known as the Black Swamp.

Now, nearly two hundred years later, I am gathering the first hand accounts of these pioneers in an effort to preserve them for posterity.

The project will take some time to complete.  As it progresses, I will post updates and excerpts on this website.  

Read the stories of Pioneer Days in Bryan, Ohio

Another project I am excited about is a history of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Butler and Beech streets in Bryan, OHio.  There has been a church located at this spot since the 1840's and the current building, which is no longer in use, is local landmark and significant architectual showpiece in the town.  The design, quality and beauty of the building call out for its preservation and continued use by the community.

Read more about this Bryan Landmark here.

My third project will be a nonfiction novel but it is still in development and it is too early to post a sample of that.

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