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This blog is dedicated to posting news and views concerning my writing project and finished works.

If you have any thought and questions, please email me and I will respond in this space.

Newest Release

The latest project to reach publication is Web Design Using iWeb®a step by step guide to creating your own web site.  This handy manual leads you through the steps to a complete web site in just a few hours.  

By the end of Chapter One, you will have an operating web site ready to post on the Internet.  The book was published as a Kindle Book on February 24, 2011.

Current Projects

Currently, I am working on three different projects that I hope to have finished by the end of 2011.

Project 1 is a new Web Design book to pick up where the current iWeb book leaves off.  I am truly excited about the possibilities and look forward to giving you some wonderful new ideas and information soon.  Check back for more information.

Project 2 is a history of a local church building built in 1895.  I am tracking the story of this venerable landmark in our community and hope to preserve its story in words and photos.

Project 3 is to finally finish the editing of my novel and get it out to the public.  It is a lot like sending your child out into the world

Sandvox update

Karelia Software has released a new update to their Sandvox software.  It includes some relatively small tweaks to the design software.  I keep hoping …

Another Publication is Launched

This has been a busy and exciting week with the final launch of  Web Design:  Using Sandvox in both paperback and Kindle formats.  The ebook is now available …

Using Sandvox is ready to go!

The Holidays are coming and life is getting busy but we are still working on the projects.

The proof copy of the new book has arrived and we are doing …

Sandvox Toys! are here!!

They have arrived!  Click on the link above to find the first of the Sandvox Toys!®  These little HTML and CSS snippets are intended to be fun and interesting …

Web Design:  Using Sandvox®

A while ago, I wrote a book titled Web Design:  Using iWeb®.  The step by step guide to creating a web site in iWeb was a popular how to book for Mac …

Compassion in a Troubled World

This past week has been  busy with writing on two different book projects.  The history of the local Methodist church building is coming along nicely …

Autumn Thoughts

Rain! and more rain!  The leaves are piling up in the yard and the squirrels are running hither and yon getting stocked up for winter.  These cold, rainy …

The Fun of Discovery

One of the great things about being a writer is the adventure of discovering al the wonderful things along the way.  For example, did you know that in …

Remembering the Past

As an historian, my focus is, of course, on the past and the stories that make up our history.  Currrently, I am fascinated with the history of a local …

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