Autumn Thoughts

Methodist Church Organ

Rain! and more rain!  The leaves are piling up in the yard and the squirrels are running hither and yon getting stocked up for winter.  These cold, rainy days are perfect times to build a fire in the fireplace and write. As the sun rises on a new day, O am full of hope that it will be another good one!  Yesterday, I made major progress on the book abut the Methodist Church, including a list of people who died during its construction.  I am fascinated at the life story this building has to tell!  I think it is one of the most beautiful in Bryan and I am excited that John Trippy is focused on preserving it.

My other book project, the new Web Design book, the second in a series, is getting close to the editing stage.  This will be another step-by-step web creation book using another leading program.  It will be for the Mac also but the third book in the series will be focused on Windows PCs.

A gift idea

I received a christmas gift catalog this week even though it is not ever Halloween yet!  Normally, I would be annoyed about that but this was different.  It was from Save the Children The unique idea here is that you give a gift to children somewhere in the world who truly need our help.  The Holiday Gift Catalog allows you to buy a goat or mule or send a girl to school and give the gift in honor of a family member or friend.  What a wonderful idea!  I have checked out the organization and 95% of the money that comes in goes to the children. I think I will add this ti my wish list on,

Have a wonderful week...

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