Sandvox Toys! are here!!

They have arrived!  Click on the link above to find the first of the Sandvox Toys!®  These little HTML and CSS snippets are intended to be fun and interesting additions to a website.  My intention is to post as many snippets as possible.  I hope people will be willing to share their ideas and FREE codes with us all.

In other news, the new book, Web Design: Using Sandvox is on the way to the publisher and we expect it to be out within the next three weeks.  Expanded and enhanced over the original Web Design book, the new Sandvox edition makes it even easier to build your website.

This website, built with a Jumpsoft theme in Sandvox is intended to be a demonstration of some of the possibilities using this powerful App.  Take a few minutes to explore this site and see all the various options available to you in building your own site.  By the way, none of the features or "bells and whistles" on tis site required knowledge of HTML or CSS programming.  Yes, Virginia, you CAN create your own site.  Come join the fun!

© George L. Strout 2011