Sandvox update


Karelia Software has released a new update to their Sandvox software.  It includes some relatively small tweaks to the design software.  I keep hoping to see some improvements in graphics capabilities such as masking designs for photos and expanded text options such as existed in iWeb.  While some of these features do exist in Sandvox, it would be nice to have them all available in the Text inspector.

Here is an example of iWeb menus I miss in Sandvox.  I do believe that Sandvox is the best and easiest replacement for iWeb.  As more and more people migrate to it, it will grow to be the ideal replacement for iWeb.  Like anything, it always has room to grow and improve.  Perhaps some of these features can be added through aSandvox® Toys!  All contributions are welcome…

iWeb features

In other news, sales of the new Web Design:  Using Sandvox have been gratifying and, as of today, it has surpassed the iWeb book in monthly sales.  Thank you to all who are accepting and using the book.   I look forward to expanding and enhancing the project as time goes on.

© George L. Strout 2011