Using Sandvox is ready to go!


The Holidays are coming and life is getting busy but we are still working on the projects.

The proof copy of the new book has arrived and we are doing a final review and edit.  It oops great and reads well and we have already received favorable comments on it!  This book is going to be a great help to many people who want to build a website.  I hope it will expand the use and development of websites for individuals and families.  Look for an early release in the coming week…

A new book in this series is already in the works using an app that will work on both Macs and PCs.  I have "discovered" a wonderful little app that seems to be very nice but somewhat ignored.  I am in the process of testing it and, if it is as good as it seems, book number 3 in this series will be out in a matter of months.  More details later as they become available.  Hang in there PC people, I am working on it!

In other news, the book detailing the history of the ME Church in Bryan, Ohio should be out this winter in the booklet form and, I hope a larger version with more detailed photos and descriptions will appear in the spring of 2012.  As the present owner proceeds with his plans, I want to include the progress in the history.

© George L. Strout 2011