Web Design:  Using Sandvox®


A while ago, I wrote a book titled Web Design:  Using iWeb®.  The step by step guide to creating a web site in iWeb was a popular how to book for Mac users and is still selling well.  The response to that book has been so great that I am now working on a series of Web Design: books across all platforms.  The second book in the series is Web Design:  Using Sandvox®.  I expect this book to be out within the next six weeks and include some new features.  Among other added chapters are ones focusing on web hosting options, cloning your existing web site to the new Sandvox® environment and a selection of Sandvox® Toys; a collection of handy and fun HTML snippets to add to your website.

The process of creating this book has been fun and exciting.  The program is powerful and intuitive.  As a possible replacement for iWeb®, this program is a winner.  For a look at some of the possibilities, visit the other pages on this site.  Check back often as the site evolves.

The William County Writers’ Group is meeting for a creative writing session on Saturday, November 5th.  We are all writing a sketch based on a character we agreed on at the last meeting.  It will be interesting to see how varied our concepts are.  The group is supportive and encouraging.  I very much appreciate them.

The history of the Methodist Episcopal church in Bryan.Ohio, is progressing nicely and I expect that book to be out before Christmas.  Again, stay tuned for more details.... 

© George L. Strout 2011