Sandvox® Toys!

This page is dedicated to fun and interesting HTML and CSS code snippets that can add interest to your website.  Send code you would like to share in the comment link below and I will add all that seem to work.

More snippets will be added later but here is a basic and fun one to play with.


Scrolling Sign

This is an old snippet thet I have had and used for years.  I cannot tell you where I got it.  It is a good practice snippet because you can easily modify and experiment with it.  You can change the color by replacing the codes between the quotation marks.  For example, replace 0000FF with 808000 to shane the font to gold.  Enter your message and your new sign is rady to go.

<!-- Scrolling sign -->

<div align="center"><FONT 

color="0000FF" size="+10"><MARQUEE bgcolor="FFF8DC" direction="left" loop="true" width=90%"><STRONG>Enter your text here!</STRONG></MARQUEE></FONT></DIV>

<!-- Scrolling sign-->

There are many snippets out there that are intended to be shared and used by the public.  One example is the Google Search window snippets

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