Using Sandvox®

Using Sandvox® Now Available in Paperback on!

The new book on building your own web site.  Expanded 

and detailed  guide and new ideas to make your site 


This second book in the Web Design: series introduces the user to the Sandvox® Web Design App for Mac computers. Following these steps by step instructions will give you a professional looking website quickly and inexpensively. Now, there is no need to pay for expensive web design services. Anyone who can use a computer can build their own website, photo gallery with podcasts and video or create and manage their own blog. 
Building on the success of Web Design: Using iWeb®. George Strout has created another handbook for the person who wants to do their own web design and management. You will save thousands of dollars by managing you own website.

I was amazed to find I really could crate a website in a few hours and it looks professional and performs beautifully.  This guide gets the job done. -John T.


Topics covered include:

Creating you Website

Publishing your Site

Exploring Sandvox®

Editing a Published Site

Advertising on your web site


Setting up Hosting

And much more

The easy to follow Step-by-Step guide will have you up 

and running quickly.  You can be your own webmaster!  

Save hundred of dollars per year.

Have fun and express your creativity.

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© George L. Strout 2011