Web Design:  Using iWeb®

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Web Design:  Using iWeb®Web Design: Using iWeb®
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At last! Finally, I’ve found a book that not only gets the job done, but does it painlessly!  I’ve built a website by following the simple instructions the author provides.  I especially liked the illustrations, which kept me on track and let me know that I was really going to succeed. This book opened my eyes as to the power of my Mac, and did so patiently, clearly and supportively all the way through.  There’s no wasted time, and no puff: open the book, read and follow the instructions and get ready to complete your website.  I love that now I can have a website with photo albums, movies, music, blogs and more. This is a great find! - Elaine S. 

The easiest and fastest way to build a website

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Each page of this website was created using the steps in this book.

SECOND Edition Kindle book 

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This book leads you through iWeb® and allows you to create the website you want for your small business or family.  There is no need for programming skills or experience. Anyone with a modern  Mac computer can do this.

With the tips and techniques in this book, anyone regardless of experience, can successfully create a beautiful and unique website. It will be easy to navigate and to share photos, stories, create blogs, albums, movies, podcasts and any other content. You can share your story with the world on your very own website.

You will learn:

How to edit, add and change content 

How to create and maintain a blog

How to connect to Facebook®

How to create photo galleries and many other features of web design.

This is the book that will allow you to be your own web master and save you hundreds of dollars each year.

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Choose the format that is most comfortable for you.  In all formats, the book makes it easy to create your unique website.  Try it today.

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